Most Online Information Providers Are Scams

The information presented on this web site is provided by Docusearch Investigations, a fully licensed and insured private investigation firm. It is intended to educate consumers on how to quickly identify scam web sites offering everything from license plate lookups to background checks. came online in 1996 and was the pioneer firm offering investigative searches via the Internet.  Since then, we have seen the emergence of a phenomenon known as subscription software. The first was called Net Detective.  The latest is Undercover Detective.  There are many more. Scam artists dream up a catchy web site title and direct users to their sites.  These scam artists are referred to as Affiliate Marketers and receive compensation for every subscription they sell.

What is the problem with these sites?
First, it’s the way they advertise. They fool customers into buying a membership by making them believe they deliver the information the customer is seeking. The site may either state they provide unlimited access to records, or they may provide an instant search where the user enters a license plate number and State to search. Then they respond that they have a record or the information you’re seeking. Despite what these sites claim, they don’t provide the information, nor do they deliver the record. What ends up happening is that either they provide links for subscribers to go to, or they automatically link members to another pay site.  In the end, the customer pays a membership fee and receives no license plate record.

Second, they flood the internet with dishonest sites?
What happens when you flood the internet with sites that do not deliver what they claim? The honest companies get pushed down in search engine rankings, and consumers don’t trust any site, regardless if the site is legitimate or not.

This web site was developed to help consumers distinguish the reputable sites from the dishonest.  We hope the content assists you in finding the information you are seeking.  To continue, please select one of the Resource Guides on the right side of the screen.

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