Reverse Plate “Instant Results” Claims Debunked

Almost every web site we found listed in Google that offers license plate lookups also promises instant results.  Docusearch Investigations is not one of them. knows that current vehicle registration (license plate) records are maintained only by individual State Departments of Motor Vehicles and only law enforcement agencies have “instant” access.  So why do these sites make these promises?  Here’s the answer.  Once obsolete, registration data is stored in repositories and sold to database companies. These companies then repackage the data and resell it as subscription software, such as Net Detective and Undercover Detective.  Therefore when a user purchases one of these products and performs a license plate search, they are really receiving the name and address of previous owners of the plate, which often times has no relationship with the owners of the license plate you are searching.  If the state they are searching does not reuse license plates, they will receive nothing at all.  Either way, the requested search for the name and address of a particular license plate is never obtained and their money is wasted.

Because Docusearch Investigations are licensed private investigators, they are computer connected to the state DMV’s in 32 states, and growing.  While not instant, the records are guaranteed accurate to the day of the search. In most cases, results are returned the same day. Again, only licensed investigators have access to this information.

Remember, any web site claiming instant results of current license plate information is a scam.

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