Can ANYONE Be Found?

No doubt you seen this claim advertised:  Find Anyone, Now!  Nobody can find ANYONE. Private investigators, law enforcement and the FBI have files of people they are unable to find. Some cases have been open for decades. The FBI has phenomenal resources and a variety of professional law enforcement specialists with varying degrees of expertise at their disposal; even they cannot find ANYONE.

Fact is, if someone really doesn’t want to be found and makes the deliberate effort to conceal their whereabouts, there is a very good probability they will be successful.  Here’s how they do it:

No credit cards:  They pay cash or by check for everything.  No real estate ownership in their name. No utilities in their name, including phone, electric & gas. No car payment or recent credit history.  It’s that simple.  Now these days, most of us living a normal existence cannot get by following the above formula, but it can be done.  Don’t be fooled by outrageous claims touting ANYONE can be found.  This is simply untrue.

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