Why You Should Steer clear From “Instant” Public Records

Most web sites we found listed in Google that offer public record searches also promise instant results.  Sounds great, right?  Wrong.  Here’s the problem.  Public records and civil recordings are updated daily, as cases and bankruptcies are filed.  Therefore, instant searches can only return activity as current as the database it’s found in, sometimes several years (or more) old.  It is impossible for an instant search to return any current activity.  This is why there is an entire industry dedicated to courthouse research.  They are commonly referred to as “Courthouse Moles”.  These individuals know their local courthouses, (where the records are housed), backwards and forwards, and are hired by attorneys to retrieve the most current records as they are filed.

Why settle for stale, outdated information when there is a better choice for less money?  The most respected licensed private investigators contract these “moles” to obtain the most current criminal information available, and the cost is far less than one would pay for subscription software. Docusearch Investigations conducts public records courthouse research in over 4700 counties nationwide and only charges a fraction of the cost one would pay for a subscription.

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