How Are People Located?

The claim:  “Our database is one of the largest of its kind on the Internet today containing more than 1.1 Billion records”.

The reality:  Probably true.  However, if the information isn’t current, what good is it?

The claim:  “Our Guarantee, No Hit-No Fee”.

The reality:  If you’re searching for Joe Blow in Philadelphia and they return a white pages listing from 1987, they have just fulfilled their guarantee.

This is what you’re up against if you purchase any subscription software such as Net Detective, and alike.  Now we will explain how real investigators (like Docusearch Investigations) locate people.  There are four legal methods:

1)      Hire a local private investigator to physically find your subject’s current address. There is no guarantee of success and can cost you hundreds, even thousands of $$.

2)      Credit Bureaus:  Licensed investigators have access to the three major bureaus.  No subscription software has access to current bureau data.  Knowing your subject social security number or a previous address can yield a current address. The cost $29 – $49.

3)      Phone Number:  Licensed investigators have access to information that is not publicly available, including unpublished phone records closely held by telephone carriers. So if you know your subject’s phone number but not the address, this might be the search for you.   The cost: $45 – $149.

4)      Utilities:  Again, licensed investigators can gain access to current utility records to determine if any service (electric, gas, water, etc) is in your subject’s name and thus, their service address. This is commonly referred to as a Skip Trace.  The cost: $100 -$150.

As you can see, you do have better options available then the purchase of software that can only deliver undesirable results.

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